NEW ENGLISH POEM: ( HE SAID! I SAID!), Written by: Amina Mussa Wehelie


 By: Amina Mussa Wehelie.Image

A member of Women Writer’s committee of PEN International

and Vice-Chair of Somali Speaking PEN.


I was crying my head off!

My eyes out!

My cheeks red!

 My face swollen!

My nose draining!

And  he came to me,

 As he want to rescue,

Standing close,

And seemed nice,

 Then asking me why?

I said I hurt!

Suffered and tired!

He said  by whom?

I said by you!

He said by how?

I said by every means!

He said by why?

I said you can!

He said you women!

Always seeks trouble!

I said not true!

Then told ever hurt,

By who, by when,

By time, by where,

By reason, by why!

He turned away,

Not wanting to listen,

And run and run,

The truth is,

He is the one who rape!

Who kill, who burn,

Who displace and despair,

Who destroy and caused,

 All of my pain,

 at the same time who rule,

Since from the start!

I said not again,

To be victim to be bullied,

Not again To be weak,

It is time It is now,

Or never will be,

It is time to stand up ,

To decide the future ,

For mine, for my children .

It is time, it is now,

Somali woman for president ,

To lead the country,

As Indira did before,

And Ellen doing now,

And Joyce become now,

And Suu Kyi will do soon,

I said it is time,

Women rule the world,

What is wrong with that!

It is time, it is now,

Is it time that women,

Become a leader for all.


This poem written by; Amina, is puplished on PEN  International’s  Women Writers site this year, you can check this link below, her poem and all the poems of women writers around the world.

5 thoughts on “NEW ENGLISH POEM: ( HE SAID! I SAID!), Written by: Amina Mussa Wehelie

  1. beautiful words that touches everyone’s heart, it reminds me when i used to write poems in english

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